Friday, March 6, 2009

What and Where

I decided that I would post the general list of what I have stored and where I purchased them.


White Rice from Sams Club and LDS Cannery
Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal direct from Bob's Red Mill
Gifts of Nature GF Oats from
Arborio Rice from Purcell Mountain Farms
Sweet Rice from Purcell Mountain Farms
Quinoa Flakes from Purcell Mountain Farms
Millet from Purcell Mountain Farms and Walton Feed
Sorghum from Purcell Mountain Farms
Better Batter Flour from Better Batter
Basmati Rice from Sams Club
Quinoa from and Walton Feed
Popcorn from Sams Club
Rice Pasta from Jungle Jims
Cream of Rice from Meijer
Cream of Buckwheat from Jungle Jims
Cornstarch from GFS and Walton Feed
Potato Starch from Honeyville Grain
Tapioca Stach from and CAM Market
Almond Meal from Honeyville Grain
Buckwheat from Walton Feed

Fava Beans from Purcell Mountain Farms
Garbanzo Beans from Walmart and Walton Feed
Pinto Beans from LDS Cannery
Black Beans from LDS Cannery
Great Northern Beans from LDS Cannery
Refried Beans (dried) from LDS Cannery
Kidney Beans from Walton Feed
Red Beans from Walton Feed
Navy Beans from Walton Feed

Lentils from Walmart and Walton Feed
Potato Flakes from LDS Cannery
Diced Potatoes from Walton Feed

Most of my bulk items are stored in large mylar bags inside 5 gallon buckets. Once I open the 5 gallon buckets, I store the grains/beans, etc in half gallon Mason jars or mylar pouches.

I also have a NutriMill, which I could not live without!!!

What have you done to get started on your food storage?


Slightly Off Balance said...

I store my bulk goods in 5 gallon bucket, too! I'm looking into those cute little oxygen absorbers but haven't gotten there yet.

Amy said...

love your blog -- just discovered it. where do you get the Jerky and what kind do you buy? I'm working on 72 hour kits that must be gluten, casein, and soy free. thanks!

Jenn said...

We have been getting our jerky at Sams's Club -- the Oberto brand. I'm pretty sure it has soy in it, though. Best of Luck!