Friday, July 25, 2008

Why Gluten Free Food Storage is Important

About a year ago, we discovered that our youngest daughter, E, carries both Celiac genes (DQ2 and DQ8). She is very gluten intolerant (even though she's never eaten any gluten) as well as very dairy intolerant.

That was the beginning of our journey through Celiac disease. We found out over the next year that our other daughter, B, is also gluten intolerant. Even after more than 6 months GF, she is still lactose intolerant. We also discovered that I am also gluten intolerant.

It was during all this that I decided to get more involved in our ward's food storage. Now, I have been actively storing food for about 10 years. I started with a tiny closet in my apartment in college. Now, I have a good size storage space for my food storage.

I discovered that most of the food storage recommendations revolved around gluten containing grains and dairy. This posed a huge problem for my family.

So, for the last year I have tried to find and create the best resources for my situation.

I have created a Yahoo Group called LDSallergies to help with any kind of food issues and food storage. If you are interested, join us:

I used this basic reccomendation:

You could also use these basic reccomendations:,11666,7498-1-4070-1,00.html

Then, I customized it for my family. I will post those later.

I also realized that a fully stocked 72 hour kit was really essential for my family. I will post the GF 72 hour kit info as well.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or resources you have found, as we can never find enough!


Steph said...

Thank you for doing this! I'm LDS and have celiac's and wondered about food storage! Thank you for your research and information.

mE said...

THank you! One of the first things I thought of when I found out was... Food storage... I have spent the last two years learning how to incorperate wheat into our diet and use food storage on a regular basis... then I pick up books to start reading up on recipees and they all seem to say "store in freezer" "keeps for up to 6 months" !!!
I was feeling almost hopless when I found this blog. So thank you thank you!